Mary Montanye

TREC# 8667

Cell # 512-988-0011

TDA # 0617884

NAWT# 11812ITC

Hello, my name is Mary Montanye. I have an inspector since 2004 and have conducted more than 1000 inspections. I started in Bastrop Tx. until I met J.D. Fuller at a Inspector Training course he was teaching. I decide to move to East Texas Home Inspection after moving to Centerville in 2011. Attending several training courses I have learned how to properly inspect a home and provide you with an in-depth thorough report, to help educate you with your investment decision.

If you allow me to to be your inspector on the property in which you’re interested in, I will provide you a prompt, courteous, professional, and thorough inspection.

Thank you for considering our website while doing research about a very important financial decision.

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