Home Inspections

East Texas Home Inspection Services LLC will provide you with the best information possible so that you can make a good buying decision. We take our time at the property to thoroughly evaluate the structure according to the Texas Real Estate Commission Standards of Practice. We will evaluate the Structural, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Appliances, and Optional Systems during the inspection. We encourage our customers to join their inspector near the end of the inspection. After completing the physical inspection, the inspector will give you a detailed presentation. This summary will include a discussion about the deficiencies found, an overview of photos taken, and a walk-through of the structure if needed. During this time, feel free to ask your inspector questions, as it is our goal that you have a complete understanding of your inspection. Once the inspection is completed, you will receive a report within 24 hours via email.

Optional Inspections

Sprinklers, Outbuildings, Detached Garages, Detached Carports, Shops, Pools, Pool Houses, Spas, Hot Tubs, Wells and Water Testing, Boathouses, Docks, Piers, Bulkheads

Additional Inspections Offered

Commercial, Phase - New Construction, Duplexes, Multiplexes

All payments should be made directly to your inspector and are due at the time of inspection unless prior arrangements have been made.

Wood Destroying Insect

(Termite) Inspection

Free With Your Inspection ($157.00 Value)
Termites can be difficult to locate and identify, therefore it is essential to have a thorough WDI Inspection completed prior to purchasing your home. When you schedule your Home Inspection with us you get a complimentary WDI Inspection with the purchase of your Home Inspection. During your WDI Inspection, we will also be looking for carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, and carpenter bees. East Texas Home Inspection has the knowledge, experience, and expertise you can trust for your inspection.

Initial General Pest Control Discount

“Don’t move in with someone else’s bugs”, let East Texas Pest Control Service LLC get rid of any pests before you move in. After your home inspection, as a thank you for your loyalty and trust, we give you $50 off your initial treatment. Discount only applies in Pest Control service areas. Call 903-729-0831 to schedule a pre-move-in treatment today.

We offer two types of septic inspections.
Conventional / Aerobic Systems

A “Visual Septic Inspection” is where the visible components of the system are evaluated. The surface area above tanks and lateral lines are inspected for performance. This is the most common type of septic inspection.

A “Certified Septic Inspection” reviews the system’s internal parts, and the majority of the inspection is completed after a licensed septic company has pumped the tanks. The buyer is responsible for scheduling with a septic company to have the tanks pumped, and this must also be coordinated with East Texas Home Inspection. A certified septic inspection requires that the inspector evaluate the septic system before and after the tanks have been pumped. A certified septic inspection cannot be conducted if the tanks are pumped before the inspector is on-site and performs the initial evaluation.

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