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Our home inspection service includes the structural / electrical / mechanical / plumbing and appliance systems of the house.

On the structural inspection, we’ll walk on the roof-top whenever it is safe and accessible for us to do so. We’ll check the entire roofing system and all roof penetrations. We even crawl through the attic checking for water penetration, proper framing, load-bearing walls, inside and outside, down to and including the foundation system. Structurally we’re checking the house from top to bottom.

(If more than one-story roof: Due to the risk factor, our inspectors can not get on more than a one-story roof. We can arrange to have a professional roofer join us at the property to inspect the roof at a charge of about $225. Otherwise we’ll inspect it from the underside, paying special attention to all areas for water penetration.)

(For pier and beam homes we physically crawl below the house to determine if the unlevelness in the house above is typical for an older structure, caused by normal settling, or if there is something structurally significant in need of repair below the house.)

For the electrical system, we go from the electrical service panel, where your breakers are, to every accessible outlet, switch, ceiling fan, and light fixture that you have in the house.

The mechanical inspection includes your central air conditioner and heating units. It also includes all the built-in appliances in the house, such as the oven, microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal and garage door opener.

On the plumbing inspection we check for proper operation of all your sinks, faucets, commodes, bathtubs, showers and water heaters.

We do all optional inspections as well: pool, spa, wells, pumps, sprinklers, boat docks, bulkheads, decks, termites and much more!

“One Call Inspects All: We service from the Oklahoma Border to the South side of Houston, from the Louisiana Border to the West side of Waco and everything in between.”